JDA- I Try (Track Review)


Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Heartfelt... Passionate... Relatable. 

JDA's, I Try, is downright gorgeous in sound, but the message is just as striking.

I know I'm not the only one who does this- but I try my best to block out any seemingly unwarranted/cynical "energy" that comes my way. It does wonders for my psyche. It keeps me calm, levelheaded, and charitable in thought. This isn't to say I don't invite constructive criticism into my life, I'm specifically referring to the unnecessary negatives. And when a piece like "I Try" surfaces, it reassures my steps. 

Over melodious keys, jazzy drums, and firm conviction, JDA lets us listeners know she's in full control of her path and identity. A lesson that all of us need to feel at some point, enlies within this composition. "I try to see the message, but I find it depressing cause you know I don't see the things that you're feeling too." 

And hear me when I tell you- the bassline on this joint is subtle, but funky! Another dynamic aspect to this piece is the realness expressed through her voice.

I truly believed her every last word. It didn't feel forced or "overly artsy." JDA's style screams leadership and independence. 

Check it out:


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