Josh Epifanio- Self-Destruct (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

This is one of those songs that effortlessly bends genres. While listening to Josh Epifanio's single, Self-Destruct, I heard a bit of R&B,  Pop, and even Hip-Hop. 

Josh tells a relatable story for many, on this piece. Have you ever said something to someone and then later asked yourself: "Why did I say that!?!" Well, you're in luck, Mr. Epifanio has written this song for you. 

One of the worst feelings you can have as a human being is regret. The realization that you made a mistake and might not be able to fix it, can really sting. And those stings burn a little more when it's in regards to a relationship. Josh begins, with singing: "I'm over it, and I need you now." The tone and emotion that he sings that line with stays constant throughout the piece. 

The hurt in his voice can be felt so clearly. Even though there is very solid production surrounding Josh's voice, I almost zoned them out and solely listened to the story he conveyed. His vocal quality and songwriting held that much weight. The hook on, Self-Destruct, is the most telling. "I should bite my tongue, I forget to. I never meant to push you away. I know the words that upset you, and I end up using them anyway."

Josh puts on a believable and well sung performance throughout. 


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