Jen Moon (Artist Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Photo by Daniel Song

Let me state this right away. I'm an instant fan of Jen Moon. 

Listening to music isn't just a hobby of mine, or something I do to pass time. It's a part of my career. There are days where I may listen to 100+ songs. As you could imagine, there are varying levels of quality. So when I tell you this is one of the best artists I've heard all week, consider the the fact that I'm pulling from a huge pool of music. In essence, Jen Moon has the ability to take-over a lane in the music world. 

When I started playing her single, "You," I already knew I was entering an atmosphere of high-quality music. The piano's reverb, and movement drew me in immediately. You have to hold a certain level of confidence to display your voice over such minimal, and simultaneously beautiful instrumentation. After 15 seconds of Moon's voice, it's clear that she is gifted. There's no getting around it... Jen's vocal timbre, control, and melodic decisions are immensely professional. And- what puts the cherry on top of her aforementioned attributes? Her songwriting is just as impressive. Displaying passion and evoking emotion from her audience is also prevalent on her composition, titled: "Loading..." Again, she shows us her cultivated artistry. 

She's become an instant favorite here at SwanoDown, watching her growth will be, and already is exciting. 

Check out, You, by Jen Moon

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