Jenaé Louis-Jacques- With You (Track Review)

Written by Parys Wyatt

Can you recall the last time you were seriously love sick? Or perhaps, a time when something you really wanted slipped smoothly through your fingers?  Even if you have never had these experiences before, Jenaé Louis-Jacques’s With You will take you there for sure. This slow jam has an aura that sends the listener straight down Memory Lane. While this piece is not particularly sad, something about it brings the listener back to those breakups (romantic, platonic, even familial) that may have taken a while to recover from. One aspect of Jenaé’s work that stuck with me was how she allows her audience to experience this feeling of estrangement with her. As Jenaé’s vocals dance effortlessly over a nostalgic track, we not only get a  sense of her longing, but also of how difficult the bounce back process might be.

If love sickness were a song, Jenaé Louis-Jacques’s With You is it. “At night I look to the stars/Hoping that they’ll point to where you are” … this is definitely getting added to my heartbreak playlist. The mounting emotion in the second half of this piece almost becomes overwhelming, to the point where grabbing the nearest bottle and using it as a microphone is more-than-necessary. At the end of the song, we get closure –– “I hope you made it safe/And settled into your new place/Now that we’re apart/Please don’t forget my face/And the memories we’ve made/So close but far away.” As with any great ending, we can only guess what happens next. How did you come back from your last heartbreak?

Click the link below and reminisce over Jenaé Louis-Jacques’s With You:

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