Jenessa Evrist- Don't Run (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

It took me a couple plays to really understand Jenessa Evrist in her epiphany-provoking song titled Don’t Run. The song is about love, time, and the pursuit of happiness. Chasing love will never work. Jenessa implies that letting love come to you is the only way to truly have it. My favorite part of this track is the atmosphere. Vocally, Jenessa's soft melodies are warm and easy to get comfortable listening to. Instrumentally, once the percussion comes in, there is an immediate shift forward in regard to where the song leads to next. The chosen rhythms and drums remind me of an overture to the Lion King. Not much relevance in theme between the two, but the articulation and rhythm come off as triumphant. The quickest way to love is to stop running for it altogether.

The drum choice may have been intentional to give off the perception of being victorious in the game of love, but I’m not sure. What I
am sure of is Jenessa’s potential to be an up and coming artist. The Seattle-based artist has a way with words that keeps her listeners coming back religiously. Her authenticity and transparent personality can be felt throughout her music, and I think those who can relate to her hold a strong connection to her music. Gaining recognition for effortlessly being herself, Jenessa Evrist has released Don't Run. Out now!

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