Jessica Childress- Enemy (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

A simple instrumental selection with such a powerful message intertwined with it. Jessica Childress is expressing the pain of America because as we all know racial tension is at a high and we need solutions. The single “Enemy” opens up the important conversation of us not fighting for each other, only against each other.

In the song, Jessica says “You’re broken hearts are beating while the city burns, Your empty-eyed illusions into lessons learned.” I believe the main thing to take away from those lyrics are rooted in us all hurting because we are human, but it takes everyone, especially those who choose violence to realize the big picture in order to gain togetherness.

We as minorities and especially Black Americans are tired of fighting. “Put your hands up fight, But you don’t fight for me...” As a black women living in America, this song is thoughtfully constructed to show support to all people and to strike a chord in those who chose to only fight for reasons they don’t even understand themselves.

I want to applaud Jessica on her strength and fluidity this song will provoke change and we are closer to that change everyday because of artists like Jessica Childress. 

“Enemy” has a powerful message that has the power to shift and supports the necessary progression needed in American society. Throw “Enemy” on the aux when you need some honesty and prosperity. Thank you Jessica for conquering such an intimate topic so firmly!

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