Jessie G- Bizarre (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Let's get right to it, this piece is catchy.

Do not take that statement lightly. For 3:08, Jessie G draws you in with memorable strings, melodious singing, and easy-to-follow storytelling. 

The atmosphere reminds me of nights on the beach, or around a campfire. The vulnerability that Jessie displays on this piece gives the listeners intimate insight between he and his love interest. He's having fun with this joint. He keeps a steady flow during the verses, and "playfully" scats in cohesion with the strings. His sound is effortless, but simultaneously precise. 

"My music does all of my healing, even when I'm feeling empty." Jessie sang.

He keeps things very open with his audience and love interest, adding a sense of credence to his lyricism throughout. He self reflects, and shares his analysis without timidness. It's hard not to respect an artist as transparent as Jessie G is here. 

Check out Bizarre:

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