Jesus Fuentes- Va de Nuez (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

I know we all remember Joe Jones at the Caravan. If not there is a popular YouTube video where he has a two minute solo as a prelude. In the video the expressions on his face were the most iconic part of the video other than him being a magician on the drums. The passion that bleeds into each stroke is something to hear from this drummer. Similar to the conscious stream of thought that you get during the improv of jazz. 

Jesus Fuentez is who you hear on piano. The composition reminds me of an old John Coletrane joint, The Promise. The head or the initial phrase they play together is kind of a serious mission- driven hook. I think of a spy when I hear it. The conversational solos introduce themselves.

What I love about a good jazz piece is the balance and transition from calamity to clarity. As the head finishes up there is a vast sound such as crashes, rides licks and flares. All 

At once is either enticing or jarring but the second solo starts everything changes. You go right back to feeling that Erie sensation as if  A common enemy entered the room. You’re trying to stay low with them. The articulation was roped around my ears wearing me down, In person, I stick my neck out as if I’m listening in on Jesus Fuentez. Dope jazz session right here.

Check out Va De Nuez, out now!

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