Jo Mersa Marley x Kabaka Pyramid- Made It (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

This single “Made It” by Jo Mersa is Reggae at its finest. Jo has a raw and rooted sound.

His voice is natural and melodious. “Made It” is from his new EP, Eternal. It has plenty of heavy hits that will move your spirit like “Guess Who’s Coming Home,” “Yo Dawg” & “Thinking”. 

“Made it” is definitely one of my favorites from Eternal. “Tell them that they need to find a replacement, cause I made it, cause I made it, pack my things up and I moved out the basement...” The hook itself is so personable and moving lyrically but his voice effortlessly catches the emotion. We all can’t wait till’ that day we can say ‘F this job, I’m doing what I love instead!’ He brought it together beautifully. 

“Made It” actually has an official video available on YouTube. It’s definitely worth every second, it has a coinciding storyline with a touch of humor and luxury. Jo Mersa is with no hesitation one of the best at what he does. He is from Kingston Jamaica and deeply rooted in his culture which explains his genuine reggae sound. Did I mention he is also apart of the legendary Marley family? What else more is there to do other than to go treat yourself and start streaming “Made It” & “Eternal” EP by Jo Mersa.

Check it out:

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