Jo Sarah- No Wifi (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Can I have your undivided attention? Simple, and yet too much to ask. Behind the track No Wifi  is a cell phone that is attended to more than you. Behind that cell phone is a person yearning to love. Jo Sarah is a singer songwriter from the Netherlands, and a complete package. Even down to her Instagram posts we see Jo display aesthetically pleasing content. Her delivery in this song sounds crisp, clean, and commercial, but her lyrics are where the emotions get knitty and gritty. 

Jo breaks down every little moment from “the touch of your skin” to “A hint of ginger spice.” She describes every stimulant she perceives that is related to this high she feels, from being around her love. Protecting her high and maintaining her lows is key- especially musically. 

Jo’s range has no limits. From this one song I hear her go to the lowest of tenors to the highest climax note, during the hook- and never breaks character. The complete package I said, more importantly, the only singer on this track with two different types of timbres. Coupled with the instrumentation I am in love with No Wifi. The Congas in this track only hit on the 4 of every beat, creating a calypso feel to the drums, this gives some contrast to a potentially serious topic of the song. Every element comes into play with this track beautifully and simply. Jo Sarah’s ‘No Wifi’ is out now!

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