Joéllen- Smooth Love (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Photo by Jonathan Hazlewood

Her voice is as smooth as the title suggests her love is. Smooth Love, by Joéllen is part of a growing trend in music, that has been focusing on love. That aspect has been lost within the mainstream R&B, as the underground scene has taken listeners back to the golden sound of 90s R&B. She comes correct in letting us know how she intends to show love to her man.

Spontaneity is a lost art form in romance and Joéllen touches on that subject during the song. Females love when guys are being spontaneous, it gives an insight on how we really feel about them. That’s our way to impress the ladies, because I know- the same routine can dry out quit.

Find anywhere to give it to you

In the kitchen, In the bathroom

In a car, or in a hotel

She really provides an atmosphere that is subconsciously felt by many of our Queens. Joéllen is staking her claim and giving us all the reasons why we should believe she has that Smooth Love. The fact that she’s not even getting explicit with her intentions and still gets her point across; It’s enough for me to go and search for a love like this.

Smooth Love, is definitely a summertime and beyond, vibe with bae. 

Listen to Smooth Love:

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