Joey Burbs- Day Job (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen

Whenever we are going through a big change in life, it’s very easy to start feeling uncomfortable, things happen unexpectedly and you have to move intuitively. An artist by the name of Joey Burbs has shared his experience with change during the pandemic in his single “Day Job.” Over the last year Joey has decided to take on being a full-time artist as well as going through a heart break and he has turned those experiences into an uplifting pop hit! 

“All of these changes and I feel just fine, no more waiting around for right days to arrive.” That line shows Joey’s determination to continue growing, regardless of the change– and take initiative to live out his dreams. “Day Job” has personal all over it, with an up tempo beat that allows us to embrace our own journey. 

In the last verse of “Day job” there is a portion where Joey raps, and it might be my favorite part of the song. “I traded in my innocence for empathy, security for energy, a piece of mine for peace of mind and comfort for legacy...” He is clearly looking forward and he’s acknowledging that with great success comes great compromise. You have to get uncomfortable! In addition, Joey has a great flow and lyricism that will always be appreciated! I suggest you go listen to “Day Job” by Joey Burbs for yourself, we all need a song that will make you get out of your feelings and take on the life you really desire.

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