John Pierce O'Reilly- I Sometimes Think (Track Review)

Written by Parys Wyatt

Over a soft guitar and a little base, John Pierce O’Reilly gives us, I Sometimes Think. While this song does give off a sad nostalgia, it also carries an odd sense of acceptance. In this piece, John recounts his own story, while seemingly listing off things he simply knows to be true. He says “violent joys have violent ends,” and there is neither a way, nor a reason for me to refute that. As John sings us his list of truths, he brings to light the level of self-awareness in which this particular occurrence may have led him. He reflects on his previous naivete, a passtime many of us may be accustomed to. Through this reflection, we begin to understand the difference between how he used to view the world and how he views it now. While I don’t have too much intel on the inspiration behind this song, it comes off as possibly serving as John’s coming-of-age story. 

Although dreaming and having hopes is nice and all, something eventually might cut you down. With I Sometimes Think, John helps us remember that with every disappointment and heartbreak, we grow up a little. Our outlook on life changes, and we become more equipped to navigate accordingly. 

Check out John Pierce O’Reilly’s, I Sometimes Think:

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