Johnny Tirka (SwanoDown Report)

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Growing up, there was always music playing in the house. From Jazz, to Rock n' Roll, and HipHop, pretty much any genre you could imagine was played in our dwelling. I can remember the first day my parents brought home a Bose stereo. This was a game changer. However, that's not why it was so memorable for me. This day was the first time i was exposed to House Music. I was so enthralled with the sound, and always have been ever since.

While listening to Greek DJ & Producer, Johnny Tirka, I am highly impressed with his abilities within the House and Electronic genres. I had dove into listening to songs by he and his good friend Fab. Galaxy. Two pieces that really caught my ears were "Move Closer", and "Distance". Both pieces can truly get you off your feet and breaking a sweat. The thumping percussion, complemented by subtle but simultaneously prevalent melodies, make for an overtly joyous listening experience. You can play these in your car, at a booming club or even in the morning to get your day started on the right track.

Johnny Tirka is producing solid music, and is creating a sound that many will appreciate and immerse themselves in. We look forward to his growth as a respected creator in the House and Electronic community.

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