Jonathan Wyndham- Nightstand (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Being okay with putting your love into someone means, you are okay with catching a vibe as immense as Jonathan’s Nightstand

This song, from my perspective, is clearly about a girl that was very special, but her niche in life was as far away from boredom as possible. Jonathan, as wholesome as he is, perhaps wouldn’t narrate the fun party lifestyle she required, so she left. The Audacity, right? 

Some would say that trust is another form of faith. Others would say that faith is a fool’s mentality. All of these are assumptions from someone who has had their trust broken once before. The difference between Jonathan and others is that- his sounds better. 

The track projects a constant pulse, coupled with his powerful male voice, to resemble a ‘Life must go on" type of feeling. “We said our love could only grow, now it’s in pieces on the ground, but where do I go from here?"

There is a form of call and response with him and his guitar that most Instant Classic Rock singers have. His uniqueness comes from the pair sounding so voluble together, as if his guitar spoke some English. Overall the song is an experience, you just have to go hear for yourself.

Somebody’s Fool EP is one for the playlists, out now:

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