JONES x Aaron Taylor– Star (Track Review)

Written by Pat Moran

Breathy, engulfing and enfolding, JONES’ voice is a force to be reckoned with. On her newest single “Star,” the artist also known as Cherie Jones-Mattis collaborates with singer and producer Aaron Taylor to craft a classic R&B-flavored pop gem that wisely pushes her luminous vocals to the forefront.

Amid swells of rolling gospel organ and slapping percussion, an oddly warbling guitar imparts an air of discovery – like you’re giving a treasured vinyl rarity its first spin in decades. Then Jones-Mattis’ feathered, fine grained voice enwraps you in a cocoon of introspection and encouragement

“I’ve been feeling you fade away/But you’re far from ordinary/Just let me help you to see again”

Jones-Mattis reveals further skeins of sound entwined in her deceptively simple melody line: The smoky jazz chanteuse phrasing of Nora Jones and the joyful punctuation on high notes that summons Marvin Gaye’s confident croon. Without Jones-Mattis artistry, the tune’s inspirational imagery could topple into cliché.

“You got a special energy/You mean so many things to me”

With their incandescent “Star,” Jones-Mattis and Taylor have crafted a feel good tune with real depth. 

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