Josh Fudge- When She's Gone (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

This isn't just me writing about a song... this is me writing about a song that has become one of my favorites. 

I'm being straightforward here, I'll probably listen to this song for a very very long time, my kids will hear "When She's Gone" playing in my future living room... dancing along with my wife of course. 

The opening instrumental melody , which becomes a very prominent component of the piece, is incredibly catchy. It's evident that you're about to indulge in a professional and creative piece of art. Before Josh's distinctive vocals appears on this cut, there are also some beautifully engineered drums that help set the tone. What I truly appreciate about Josh's timbre and style is its sheer fearlessness. They’re no signs of “forcing” or conformity, complete originality. The notes are raw, rightfully controlled, and professional. This beautifully tiptoes the line of Lofi, and with each listen, I appreciate the style even more.

This guy is on a great path. One of my favorites.

Take a listen:


  • wdqbXIphWfC


  • wmsjiJZBf


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