Josh Sallee- Hollywood Hoax (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright

"I was calling out to my angels. Why ain't nothing happen yet? I'm anxious."

I lived in Los Angeles for a bit, and it was one of the most riveting times of my life. This wasn't too long ago either, less than a year ago. Without a doubt, depending on which part of the city you're in, there is an extraordinary amount of people who are transplants, looking to create opportunity for themselves. Artist, Josh Sallee was in that same situation, and he gives us a lyrically-laced breakdown of his time in LA on "Hollywood Hoax".

I'l be completely honest, my colleagues and I have never directly dealt with too many faux and/or sleazy people within the industry in L.A., but we've heard so many stories about them, there's probably some deep truth in it. But let me tell you this, when you're listening to "Hollywood Hoax", you vicariously feel Salle's experience, and for 3:07, you're fully immersed in Salle's story.

There's not a moment of let down on this piece. Salle's persistent delivery, with an immense grasp on vocal inflection is highly impactful for the record's overarching narrative. 

His pen and ability to create an almost Alice in Wonderland-esque environment is on the borderline of genius, especially when you give the video a look. One of my favorite double entendres on this piece comes from the line: "'...and start winning off of singles like I'm Joe Morgan," alluding to Joe Morgan's iconic game 7 World Series single to beat the Boston Red Sox in 1975, while simultaneously exclaiming his yearning to be successful in the music business.

Josh Salle is next level.

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