Josh Zurek- Truth be Told (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright

This piece is intimate, it's introspective, it's relatable. 

What or who is it that we live for? Social status? Capital? Our love interests? That question can be a doozy. Though, it's one I'm sure we've all pondered.

On Josh Zurek's, "Truth be Told," we get a look at his internal struggle- listening to him figure out what to do next with his life. 

The sheer emotion in Josh's voice can be felt from 10 miles away. The atmosphere curated by simply he and his guitar, tell a story within itself. Just a man and his thoughts. 

While singing about his late night escapades, his parents' wishes, and possibly moving to Vermont, Josh eventually explains to hsi audience:

"Truth be told I don't know where I belong." 

The vocal delivery on this cut isn't standard. Josh approaches with his own style and artistic freedom. Pairing his style with vivid songwriting, Truth Be Told, is worth the listen... truthfully:

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  • Bryan

    I don’t think that an outdated photo of a band he is in should be used for his solo album.

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