Jourdan Jade: Vigor & Grace [SwanoDown Report]

Reported by Lucas Ballard & Imani Wj Wright 

It is better to live as a broken piece of jade, than to live as a useless clay. — Bruce Lee

While listening to California based artist, Jourdan Jade, there’s undeniably a vigor and swagger that isn’t in your typical r&b artist. One of my favorite songs by Jade is Feeling Good. On this track she gives us a vibey melody with braggadocious lyrics and a cleanly produced instrumental.

In my opinion the stand out aspect about Jourdan Jade’s style is the pacing she has on her tracks. This paired with a mild autotune makes a very ethereal sound that graces the ears.

Although it’s not warm on the east coast like it is in Cali, these tracks are fitting to be perfect for those summer cookouts and/or kickbacks. Jourdan Jade only has a few singles out at the moment but her catalog so far is impressive. We can’t wait to see what she’ll do on the album!

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