JrocVA- Franklin ST (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

Franklin St has one of those instrumentals that are an instant vibe, something you can ride out to. JrocVa’s new single is a song that’s for that "late hour sneaky link" you had on the side for a while. This is your first link up with her after she told you to hit her phone, when you're free. When you go to pick her up, she’s finer than you imagined. That late night drive with a baddie is every man’s dream. The music has to be on point during the drive. When a conversation is initiated, there can’t be any awkward pauses or the mood will be ruined. JrocVa does a good job of painting the picture with his words. We can imagine what this girl looks like and his sentiments towards her.

We’re in the driver’s seat with JrocVa, seeing what he sees and driving on the same roads as he. She doesn’t know how the night may end and neither does he, but he’s definitely looking to impress. I was thoroughly impressed by JrocVa on Franklin St. Although it’s short in time, the song has good replay value. I recommend this song to vibe out to when you on a late night drive by yourself or with your lady. 

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