Judas- Big Mouth (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright

I'd take it all back if I could, you know I would. Well Judas, if I could take back listening to this song, I would…

Alright, who am kidding? This song is enjoyable from beginning to end. From the offset, the production and engineering of this piece are high quality. The sound is clean, crisp, and leaves no room for questioning. At times I wonder about a band’s professionalism or lack thereof from the first 15-20 seconds of a song, but here – the pro status is at a 9.5/10.

Where to start? This song has all the aspects of something you’d blast in your car for hours. Dense story-telling, intense instrumentation, a catchy hook. My friend and I have been legitimately singing this tune non-stop for the past two days. The drummer and the guitarist on this piece add so much drive to the track. When the vocalist is not performing, the music never sounds empty or deserted. A lot of releases don’t have that benefit.

The instrumentation and the vocals complement one-another so well, in an anomalous, but pleasing way – I never heard any sounds really take a lead. The cohesion of everything was perfect for this piece. These guys are bona fide stars, and will eventually begin to grow exponentially.

Top Strength: ​Everyone’s confidence is evident through the performance. There’s never a moment where they come off as amateurs. There’s a spot in this industry for you guys to soar, go get it. (By the way, the video was quite artsy, I like the Reservoir Dogs influence).

Top Critique: ​Some of the vocal effects were a bit too heavy at times, and didn’t seem needed. All in all though, great work.

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