Juliann- My Apologies (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Juliann is a young upcoming artist with a voice. A very common backdrop to a scene that came across as different to me in song. The song I am listening to by her today is- My Apologies. The passion I felt today was not from anything she has gone through, but what I have. The young artist has a serious vocal talent. From her passion, to the delivery in her lyrics. “I can't even think of loving when I don’t know how to love.” I hear a mature young woman that has found a way to harness the emotions in her songwriting, to relatable struggles in relationships. 

Juliann as an artist is developing and will only become better as time progresses. Some aspects of the song I feel she will develop to thrive in, are her songwriting and tonal quality. Having such a well grounded understanding of what background vocals sound well with her leads,  give me the impression that she is under professional help. Regardless, the development taking place here will be appreciated as she masters what sounds good with her voice. I am excited to hear what comes from Juliann and you should be too. 

Check out  My Apologies:


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