Juliet Ariel- Summer Luv (Acoustic Piano Version) [Track Review]

Written by Grayson Jones 

The benefits of acoustic pieces are anything from better concentration, to making a great lullaby. Acoustic pieces can be simpler, quieter, and feel more personal. All the way from The DR Congo with Summer Luv, is Juilet Ariel, a singer songwriter  with pleasing potential. 

With a very rich tone, you can hear the passion in Juliet's voice immediately. One of the first things I noticed from Juliet was her voice’s vibrato. For those who don’t know, vibrato comes from the pulsating emphasis of a tone that a vocal produces. The voice from Juliet coupled with the vibrato amongst overarching parts of this piece, puts her in a position for success. Flowing in a way that sways her vocal alongside the instrumental duet, the imagery her voice created for me was something like an open auditorium. Juliet propels her pronunciation throughout this song. Credit and applause to the production which carries forward the lyrics, timbre, and overall lead vocal we hear in this composition.

The refinement behind Juliet’s singing illustrates grace, confidence, and value of every note- not being taken for granted. The song rises to a climax that has some very bright notes. These bright notes pierce through the track like stars for Juliet. 

Lyrically, Summer Luv is in good taste, just didn't move me as much as Juliet herself. I feel as though Juliet’s English and Juliet's French are different levels of superiority. Some bias for foreign pronunciation is not uncommon. Her accent draws attention from listeners and keeps them there. Not a surprise to me that her following is growing the way it is. It’s hard to find singers with something pure, and presented to you was purity. Summer Luv, out now!

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