JusKolMeaL x Sire- I'll Be Around (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

If the energy doesn’t match, cut that person off immediately. There is no amount of beauty a woman can have to keep a man around if she isn’t all the way in with her feelings. I’ll Be Around is the latest single from JusKolMeaL featuring Sire. Aesthetically, this song fits in with today’s style of R&B. There are placements of autotune on the vocals to fit the instrumental and a different element to the vocals, especially on the hook. There were influences of Chris Brown circa 2017, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you are a musician that is coming into the industry now, Chris Brown has been a huge part of your coming of age story. 

From a lyrical perspective, JusKolMeaL delivered and stayed within the realm of the picture he was painting.  He could’ve expounded and given more color to the story, but it didn’t hurt the overall performance of the track. I’ll Be Around is a song that I can see being catchy due to the chorus being a part of the current sound of music. Ultimately, I was impressed by JusKolMeaL and Sire on I’ll Be Around, and it will be in rotation on my playlist. 

Check it out:


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