Just Say Jones- Complicated: His Side (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

The realm of new music is extremely large and can oftentimes be intimidating. To a newer hip-hop oriented fan, finding the right fit for yourself can also seem overwhelming. Lucky for you, I’ve taken the liberty to find new, up and coming artists to share for your consumption! The start of 2021 has shown us new experiences we didn’t have for the entirety of 2020, including showing us artists such as Just Say Jones, who’s recently been growing on the Spotify charts.

Just Say Jones is one of the most versatile, unique artists I’ve ever listened to. His recent release, titled “Complicated: His Side,” is a perfect blend of Just Say Jones’ unique style, flow, visuals (found on the Spotify version of the track), as well as overall voice. When I think of Just Say Jones, I think of an artist with extreme potential. Reaching over 120,000 streams on Complicated: His Side alone, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see Just Say Jones blow up over the next few months.

I truly think 2021 is Just Say Jones’ year. If you’re as excited as I am to watch him grow, check out his social media pages and stay up to date with his newest projects. Just Say Jones also has an EP dropping soon on all platforms, so stay tuned and get excited!

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