Justin Hawkins- beautiful morning (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Music and timing are one in the same, and what is better than a beautiful morning? 

This song sits in line to join the ranks of other fantastic tunes on the album if things change. Justin Hawkins' if things change invites you into a space where authenticity thrives, allowing you to freely express yourself without concern for others. 

This piece serves as a perfect reflection for moments when you're feeling anxious or burdened by worrisome thoughts regarding what might lie ahead. Justin skillfully weaves the theme of a glorious morning rise, beautifully capturing the essence of a carefree and uplifting sensation. I'm particularly drawn to the lowercase lettering in the song titles— it adds a unique touch to the overall care-free experience.

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  • justin hawkins

    what’s up man. i appreciate the blog post. i will share to my socials right now. much love <3

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