Ka$hdami- "u&i" + WORLD DAMINATION mixtape (Video Critique)

Critiqued by Lukey Lenz 

Ka$hdami, known for his song 14, dropped a video late last year call u&i. The video for u&i features him and a beautiful dame, Aliyah Hall. 

The color blocking for this vid primarily features baby blue and a bubble gum pink and is incorporated via a back and forth as the shots progress. 

Dami’s outfits contrast the colors as when he is featured in the pink backdrop he is wearing a hard black and red, and when he is in the baby blue background he is wearing a black tee with purplish text on it. He is also wearing all of this while rocking red hair. 

This scene takes place at sunset and that baby blue sky can be seen outside the huge windows of where they are. Oddly enough there is even one night scene that lasts no more than five seconds which I think could have been explored more, but this is also a very short song coming in at a minute and thirty two seconds.

Overall, the video is good stylistically and is nice for a standalone single from his catalog.

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