Kai Straw- Helium Balloon (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

I’ve slowly observed from a listener’s standpoint as the last year has taken a toll on artists' productivity and music releases. However, in recent months, Kai Straw has broken every expectation of what it means to be an up and coming artist in the new year of 2021. There’s a huge appeal that draws the listener to what Kai Straw has been up to, however, they're a few that stand out way more than the others.

Firstly, Kai Straw is widely known for his extremely creative cover arts. Each cover art depicts a new variation of a skull looking towards the right. This has been an on-going theme that has allowed his listeners to identify tracks by him based off of this creative feature. It’s not only his creative direction that entices his listeners, it’s his story too. Kai Straw recently lost his job as a nightclub manager at the start of the pandemic. This is a sentence we’ve come to hear more and more as the world around us rages on with the current global pandemic.

While Kai Straw could’ve taken his newfound unemployment as a crushing blow, he instead shifted his energy in a positive direction by solely focusing on music full-time. Recently Kai Straw released a track called “Helium Balloon”, which transcribes his impactful lyrics, incredible voice, and impeccable vibe all into one outstanding song. As I listened to this song, and thought of Kai Straw’s story, an overwhelming feeling of motivation and happiness overtook me. The way Kai Straw’s story will make you feel is great, but his music will make you feel even more incredible. If you want to check out Helium Balloon, or any other amazing track by Kai Straw, click the link below.


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