Kaleel Carpè ft. Nera- Love Jones (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

When you title a song based on a classic, that song has to be upheld to the same standard. While I’m not quick to call a song a classic, Kaleel definitely has a single that is sure to catch people’s attention. Straight up, Love Jones captures the essence of the film, along with relating it to today's society and relationship issues that plague young couples. Sampling Summer Walker’s title track Over It, Kaleel and Nera flow seamlessly over the instrumental.

From the opening verse, we get the male point of view, which lacks in many relationship songs of this nature. Kaleel taps into a zone that may be from personal experience or other people’s stories. Being able to do that is an art, connecting with an audience on subjects that are important to people and may serve as advice. You can always tell a story in music, but it’s all about how authentic you come across to the listeners.

There’s only one grief I have with the song and that it’s too short, I might need an extended version from Kaleel. I’m hopeful this a sign of a project coming soon. This song will have listeners wanting to hear more from him. 

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