Kalenbree- Get Beat Up (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I think every kind of person needs a fight song– even the spiritual ones.

Kalenbree has come through with just that in her single, “Get Beat Up” from her EP ‘Miss Bree.’ This single had just the right amount of soul and spice. The track comes in very smooth with strong r&b elements but then, here comes Kalenbree’s vocals “B—— must wanna get beat up, while I be chillin somewhere with my feet up.” I love the texture in her voice as she sing her lyrics with such soul and conviction. “Why you so upset? let’s get into it, I’m too bad of a b——, I meditate and s—-,” You can tell she is not the one to bother, okay!

Kalenbree showed a lot of vocal range throughout “Get Beat Up.” During the hook, she maintains a careless yet controlled tone that is slightly playful. In the second verse of the track she takes on a steady low register that meshes beautiful with the instrumentation. Lastly, the echoing adlibs at the end of the song really made for an enjoyable closing. If you are someone who chooses zen over menace but sometimes you just get a little ticked off this is the perfect song for you to breathe it out to! Make sure you go check out “Get Beat Up” by Kalenbree: 


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