Kamran Atta (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright 

As we grow as human beings and begin to understand ourselves, thee are many things that may become clear. The food we like, what situations make us uncomfortable, what clothes we look best in, are all some examples. But, what becomes even more important are the priorities that we set in place, and the love that we put into them. Now, though that prior statement can easily relate to  your job or a house, amongst other things, it can more importantly relate to people. Yes. Let's face it. We prioritize what people we give our time, love, and attention to. Well, while you listen to, I'm Alive, by Kamran Atta, you easily hear the infallible love he has for his son- undoubtedly his number one priority. 

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” – Jim Valvano

Over a high-paced, percussion-filled instrumental, Atta's performance is transparent, raw, and all-in-all, genuine. There is no doubt in his voice. As an audience member, you can't help but to believe his displayed emotions. The track begins to become even more heartfelt when you hear Atta become completely selfless, and makes it evident that the only person's success that he's worried about is his son's. Atta sings: "When the world turns down on me, it's your rise I want to see." The I'm Alive (Remix) creates an intriguing dichotomy of incredibly intense lyricism, but a dance-esque production style. One could feel many things at once, and your mind may drift away to several spaces. It certainly has the potential to.

Just look at the title "I'm Alive." When you first see it, it may seem like a self-driven piece. But it is quite the contrary. If you begin to look deeper and listen with intent, you begin to understand that Atta is attributing his life now for his child, and that is the new importance of his existence. The cover art even gives a glimpse of a man who seems to be surveying ghe world and analyzing his surroundings, looking to create a "better him" and figure out how to improve the world. He stands alone in black & white, with a pensive state, surveying the land.

This is a piece that one day his son will hear, and fully appreciate. This is just the start of a beautiful father-son relationship, and we here at SwanoDown wish them the best!

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