Kate Vogel- Glad It's You (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

The 7 stages of grief were packed in a suitcase and sent out the door along with a record to be published. Only one came back,  and I am so happy for Kate Vogel. 

This song is dedicated to her ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend/wife. Kate is one of many who used her emotions of grief to make something she can be proud of.  

‘Glad it’s you’ as a track, starts with an open guitar and the soft spoken Kate, setting the tone. The track ends in the same manner, but then, all that is in between will move you as fluently as a conductor's hand through every beat. It makes perfect sense. Similar to the relationship swaying like a rollercoaster until it’s bitter-sweet divorce, the song gains more meaningful deliverance as if Kate’s final stages of acceptance and hope have been reached while her last lyrics left her lips.  

Musically, the song carries a storytelling theme. I have learned to appreciate people’s interpretations of ballads, and folklore over the years, so once I heard this I was reminded of how the  originality of a story can contribute to a song’s form, to sound brand new. Glad It’s You had to be created. What is more exciting than closure? The next time Kate prepares something for us, we will be ready to review, rejoice, and rewind.  ‘Glad it’s you’ out now! 

Check it out: 


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