Kelsey- Middle School (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

"Puppy Love" sums up what we all feel as young people when we meet a special someone. We are too naive, and end up believing it is a love unbearable if separated. Kelsey takes us back to those days with a strong vocal presence and great content. Middle School will elicit those feelings of old… maybe your first crush that offered to sit together at lunch.

Kelsey is a different breed, because Middle School is in a genre of its own. Her sound is soulful and powerful, which can be heard throughout the track. You can feel every word she says. It’s the enunciation that really brings out the emotions of each line.

Relationships are never a sure thing, neither is love, but we seek this no matter what. As she pleads throughout the song for that, we empathize with her because we’ve been in those same shoes. Needing to know whether someone is interested gets redundant, we want to know. The "pins and needles" feeling is longating, especially when it’s about a potential bae . 

Talk to me, if you're sure

It’s not even about middle school, but the unknown feeling of love that we are unintentionally introduced to. That’s what we are addicted to and what we chase as we get older. Kelsey eloquently puts her heart on display with Middle School.

Listen to Middle School:

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