John Alone- Sankofa (Track Review)

Written by Imai Wj Wright 

About two years ago, I received a call from an editor at another publication, and after speaking with them, they me an invite to a new museum in Baltimore, Maryland. Unbeknownst to me at the time, not only was this museum "new," but this was its grand opening / ribbon-cutting event. I was obviously honored and quite attentive as I was in the presence of history. 

As I arrived at about 9am the morning of the ribbon-cutting, I saw the name of the museum lit up in all red lettering, the name read: Sankofa.

I've always been deeply into language and understanding the meaning of things beyond their surfaces. Naturally for me, I began to do some research on the word and its etymology. Sankofa "implores for Africans to reach back into ancient history for traditions and customs that have been left behind."

On John Alone's record "Sankofa," there is an undeniable dedication and homage to the Afrobeat sound. Living in London, he is reaching back to his roots. From the grooving melody, to the ever moving percussion, the production of this track can get anyone out of their seats. The vocals here are impressive as well. Not only does John's voice shine through its naturally pleasing sound, but via his pronunciation and good sense of repetition throughout the record. 
There's much to like here on "Sankofa," and more of John Alone's work can be found on his project African English

Check it out:

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