Khamari- The Heat (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Have you ever gotten ice from the fridge and dropped a cube, but instead of picking it up you kick it under the fridge? Exactly. For those who haven’t, The Heat, is a track from Khamari filled with R/B,soul, and relatability. 

From the song's literal message, where staying cool on a summer's day is a full time priority, to the underlying message that some relationships are full of problems- beating the heat is essential to Khamari. 

This song sounds like me just getting off of a 10- hour shift with every bill due tomorrow... and I still go out to eat. Khamari isn't promoting running from your problems (regardless of what they are), I think he understands the importance of mental health and he uses this song as a reminder to chill out every once and a while. Not every problem we face has to be dealt with that very second. Summer always comes back around after 9 months, what's one more day? 

Musically, this song is simply brilliant and bright. The time spent on "The Heat," feels like no more than a day or so, just as most naturally beautiful songs come across. If Khalid and Childish Gambino had to leave their career behind and join as one person I would hear Khamari on every frequency. Procrastination has yet to sound so good!

Check it out:

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