Kiara Jordan- Co Exist (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Taking time to reflect with UK singer/songwriter Kiara Jordan’s single Co exist has been a journey. I am usually the type to focus on the music as a whole, but here I couldn’t help but appreciate the song in two parts - instrumentally and vocally. Kiara is an amazing singer and a very conscious artist. In this single she consults with herself about varying topics on her mind. Similar to decluttering your home, Kiara dwells on thoughts and concepts of time. As humans to be frustrated about things we cannot control is as pointless as watching paint dry.

Beauty comes from this piece when you understand the cognitive dissonance derived from how impatient human beings  re, coupled to the simplicity of the instrumentation. As I listen further, I found a new appreciation for the production behind this piece. 

There is a crisp presentation behind Kiara’s voice, as expected. But the backings you hear with her lead vocal are almost as loud as the lead but not jarring. This type of mixing takes a developed ear to pull off and Co exist wouldn’t be as enticing without it. More and more will be expected from Kiara as she progresses as an artist. I have no doubt she will be on this page again. Unwind to her single Co exist out now!

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