Kid Morrison- Distractions (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

"I don't want to think about you anymore."

I can confidently say that everyone reading this piece has experienced pain. As living beings, that emotion is unavoidable. In some ways, it may be even more unavoidable than love itself. Now depending on your age, you may or may not have experienced one of the greatest pains of them all- a harsh brrakup. 

A break-up can be piercing, it feels like a divorcing of the souls. Which, it is... Right? The way we deal with that treacherous feeling varies, but it stings no less. On Kid Morrison's single, "Distractions," you hear a man who is displaying his heart to the world, and taking the route of vulnerability, along with transparency to cope. You hear Morrison say that he has been "dealing" with other women in order to relieve the thought of his past lover. But with the sheer passion displayed, you can tell the wound is still open, and quite possibly fresg. 

Morrison told SwanoDown:

"I wanted to give the feeling of hopelessness and desolation. Almost a sense of yearning. Like, having all these things in your life that can’t substitute love hence the title of the track “distractions”. I’ve always like the vibe Drake and The Weeknd give off in their music, like the songs always feel like night time where all the underground gritty real things happen but also where loneliness and debauchery come out the most too."

With hopelessness being such a personal and even private experience, we wondered how he kept his audience in mind during the writing process. 

"I definitely come from a very personal place when writing songs but I always want to make them hooky and catchy for the crowd to sing along and dance to as well. So, it’s definitely a 50/50 split when I write songs where I definitely put my emotions and soul and experience into them but I also make sure I do it in a way the audience can connect and join in."

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