Kid Riz- Homie (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

What do you know about a “dutty wine?” An intimate form of dance that has been around since I found out what my family meant by ‘grown-up time’. I got into this music late for that very reason but boy, am I glad I heard Kid Riz this afternoon. Something refreshing like the seductive pulsation behind this song is what everyone craves in this genre of music. Kid Riz, in this particular piece, is a role player.

The instrumentation alone can tell the story and feel behind the song. Riz uses his voice similar to a SwanoDown favorite, Blu Lyon. The talent to articulate how you feel towards someone you like to create this ‘pull’ is a skill and talent. Some people have it and some people don’t. I do not think Homie is the full extent of Kid Riz’s talents, I think the Kid needed to let the world know he could take it there if it really came down to it. I am enjoying this detour Kid Riz took us on, but it’s time to get to business. Stay with me, let’s enjoy Kid Riz’s level of swagger and smooth persona as he progresses in his artistry. Add Homie to that playlist you know everyone has, and let’s get active with Kid Riz! 

Homie out now! 

Check it out:


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