Kid Travis- Atomic Ever After (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

I've listened to a decent amount of Kid Travis recently.  From what I've examined, this guy hasn't disappointed. 

Travis' vocal timbre is impressive, and more importantly... pleasant. He has a great sense of breath control, melody, and use of intensity. His style is steady and precise. Nothing sounds like a mistake or accident. The sounds on, Atomic Ever After, and several of his other pieces, are undoubtedly professional. 

Kid Travis' enunciation on lyrics like "hazmat" and "masks" prove the aforementioned assertion of his professionalism. The "t" and "s" in both of those words can be heard so clearly while he is singing the song's hook. Audience members should feel the dedication put into the craft/art. 

Without giving away any of the wordplay that many of you will enjoy, Travis once again shows his ability to tell a clear cut story within his compositions. Though this is a love song, the love is laid out amongst a highly artistic work. 

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