Kid Travis ft. Double O Smoove- San Andreas (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

It’s Travis. Not Scott, Porter, or Kelce. The Kid. The song is called San Andreas- in reference to the Rockstar video game. Grand Theft Auto. San Andreas…. If you ever played- the same rules apply for the Kid. 

When the song started, the bass drive had my head rocking like some new Playboi Carti just dropped. But the song took a turn just seconds in. A hard right... in the coupe with the roof  gone was Kid travis floating over, under, and throughout this track! I picked my phone back up with urgency to make sure I knew this song's title when I heard another smooth presence on the track. 

About twenty whole seconds passed until I realized ‘Double O Smoove’ was not a characteristic of the track, yet another artist on the same type of time as Kid. Another Coupe...Going faster…with even more cash. My head nod coupled with my scrunched face from how fire this track was. I crescendoed into a subtle milly rock with even more facial expression. This piece made me feel like that "cool kid" we try to be on the first day of school! This cut feels clean like a brand new white tee to match the Air Force 1’s! Living a rockstar dream I would call it. San Andreas is out now. Not the game- The lifestyle.

Check this Joint out:

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