Kid Travis- Galaxy (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Another day, Another hit from Kid Travis.

Travis is showing us that the grind does not stop… even in quarantine. 

Over the weekend, Kid Travis released his new single, Galaxy (Ft. Eluzai), bringing us vintage 2015 Trap Soul vibes. The love that you're chasing for always seems to be farther than the eye can see. 

Deep down, we know we’ve had that love, and watched it slip out of our very hands, it’s as if our palms were made of baby oil, losing our grip and fighting for dear life to hold on.

You can hear Travis in a deep state of limbo, no one's matching that perfect situation, taking their relationship for granted. 

He touches on finding love in the wrong places. As men, we are known for that. We want what we can’t have… at the worst times.

“We’ve been chasing moments just like us

With all these pretty faces we don’t trust”

Going after what you used to have is never a good sign. Travis points to that in the aforementioned line. This a deep pain that only time can heal. 

Kid Travis’ pen game elevates on, Galaxy, and we're only witnessing the beginning. 

Check it out:

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