Kid Travis- MOONLIT CREEK 2 (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen

Kid Travis has turned the feeling of love sickness and longing into therapeutic sound through his song, “Moonlit Creek Two.” It starts of with an upbeat acoustic guitar that sounds a little country with an edge but then Kid Travis  vocals come in “She said ‘I’ll never leave’, they always come back for you.” Right away I notice the punk undertone but also the trap soul feel which all together just creates a very alluring foundation for them as an artist.

If you haven’t noticed yet this is “Moonlit Creek Two” so I had to go listen to the original “Moonlit Creek” and it appears that the beat used for the original may be sped up and updated to relay the continued feeling of wanting to be with someone, but you can’t because too much hurt has already occurred between you. The connection between them is quite comforting to the ear as they fall into one another. 

I’m very impressed with the versatility and depth of Kid Travis. In “Moonlit Creek Two” The hook is something that stuck out the most to me. “Some days I wake up from the thought of you on my mind, guess I’m not right for you,” these lyrics hit different for me. They were so vulnerable and so personable as well as catchy– beautifully done! Add “Moonlit Creek Two” to your heartbreak therapy playlist. This song can help you through a breakup or even when you may be feeling exhausted from relationships in general. I can’t wait to hear what else Kid Travis creates in the near future.

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