Kid Travis- Won't Let Me Go (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

Kid Travis is next up.

As a writer, I’m confidently claiming that as my honest opinion on his career, and I will stand by that for months, and maybe even years, to come. Kid Travis brings a new level of energy to the hip-hop scene that I’ve never seen before. While some artists mix a combination of flow, lyrics, great beats, and an inspiring story into their craft, Kid Travis takes everything to another level.

In a recent track titled “Won’t Let Me Go,” Kid Travis’s vocals come through to make the audience truly feel like a part of the story that’s being told. However, it’s not only the vocals that make Kid Travis such a desirable artist, it’s his versatility and ability to adapt in an industry that doesn’t always take too kindly to up and coming talent.

Kid Travis has a flow like no other and a story-telling capability that can only be heard by listening to his music for yourself. I’m beyond excited to see what Kid Travis creates this year, and I look forward to showcasing some of his work in my playlists as the summer rapidly approaches. If you’re just as excited as I, check out Won’t Let Me Go, below.

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