Kieran x HTCHR- Your Fight (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

As the owner of an EDM music festival, I’m always looking for artists that can fit the depiction of what my events are aiming to achieve. Whether they be EDM, house, or any genre loosely related. I’ll always consider artists in this realm as potential candidates for outreach when it comes time to select my lineup. Recently, I came across a track titled “Your Fight” by Kieran & HTCHR.

After listening to this track for the first time, I wanted to hop out of bed and start moving. The flow of the track and the instrumental movement behind the crisp vocals created a blend of sound that could pick anyone up out of a bad mood! The song caps off a melody that will get stuck in your head almost immediately, and the vocals add upon those flavors! I love the vocals and the talent that comes with their production skills as well!

Kieran and HTCHR came through with this track in a big way. I think they both have the potential to grow to an extraordinary size throughout their careers. If you don’t believe me, or even if you do, be sure to check out their track titled “Your Fight” using the YouTube link below. I promise you definitely will not regret it!

Check it out:

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