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The internationally eclectic, Kim Sam Soon aka Sandra PINEL, was born December 24, 1980, in Alsace French in the border of Well am Rhein, Germany and Basel, Switzerland. Her father has distinct French ancestry. 

When she was younger, she discovered that she was dyslexic. Through this, Sam suffered from her schoolmates and others in society, who maligned her. However, not to one iota, did she allow for their ridicule to slow her down. Not for a second. Instead, she became enthralled in gymnastics and playing the organ, both, of each, she maintained a regimen of practice and productivity for over 12 years. She also began to travel, lived, and studied extensively to exotic destinations, such as: Korea, Japan, Taiwan, US, UK, Vietnam, Germany, Switzerland, Nepal, Italy, Spain,  Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. These experiences helped to shape her and allowed for her to develop a unique perspective, as an author. 

She is an activist, who has taken stands on women's rights. One of the most noted and prominent platforms that she stood for is, fighting for women to have the right to freeze their Oocytes in France. This is a right that women were denied of having. In particular, she opposed this by initiating an online petition on social network platforms, in which she has a figure of over 5000. 

Kim Sam Soon has a keen interest in science and geology. She has been able to merge the two passions to form GeoNebula, a company which specializes in combining sciences related to the ecosystem and general environment. 

In developing these products, she also became a naturalized citizen of Australia and the United Kingdom. As you can imagine, she loves to read and has gained inspiration from such esteemed thinkers and writers as, Albert Einstein, Maya Angelou and Confucius. As evidenced, her travel, creations and writings are all interconnected.   

She is a spiritual woman, who practices Buddhism and follows the ethics and moral philosophy of Confucius. Here, she longs to find real peace and serenity with Bodhisattva. 

Sam Soon has a cross sectional of knowledge that spans the gamut of learning. For example, at the doctoral level, she has studied Geology, Geophysics and Geochemistry. However, these mentions barely scratch the surface of her vast learning experiences. In addition, she is a tremendous fan of Asian culture. This led her to attend the Seoul National University to study Korean Languages. Additionally, she is quite the linguist, speaking a variety of complex languages, like All French Caribbean, Alsatian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Italian a bit literal Arabic and Russian. As you can imagine, she has a phenomenal IQ of 146, which qualified her for the pretest of Mensa (Mensa Organization, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. 

As an author, she has published books in erotica. One of her books is Persephone Tome 1, which was published in 2017. This book was published from her own publishing company, Pinel Publishing House. 

Her business ventures continued with PINEL Roman Group Holdings, which was founded in the United Kingdom by fashionista, Kim Sam Soon herself.

She created over 76 companies under her group holdings. Coffee shop chain, brands, labels, Science Company, restaurants and more… 

In creating this, she was able to exude her appreciation in love for stylistic fashion. In turn, she arrived here with the intention of creating fashion that perpetuates the beauty of women, regardless of hue, size, or ethnicity. With this, her fashion ware is appreciated by women from all over the globe. 

There can be no doubt that Kim Sam Soon is an exceptional woman, who is living an exceptional life. She is a polymath, who has entered and embodied the worlds of higher education, literature, business and fashion. She is a marvel at the zenith of existence and she beckons us to follow her and travel through her blazing path of remarkable accomplishments. For Kim Sam Soon, life is like a pond full of fish that await her capture, to be turned into a succulent eat. As she sits back and awaits her next meal of amazement, we, the thoughtful, have the opportunity to watch from afar, or to join with her in honor and satisfaction while she is perched at the head of the table, obviously. 

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  • Emily Weekes


    Is this all real ? When I met you last time you were struggling. I can’t find any real addresses for these businesses. Not one phone number works so seems fake…. call me to discuss.

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    My recpect dear madam i needed help me please contact me thank you my madam g

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    Is the coffeeshop in London open?


  • Lola write

    Thanks, Sandra to be here for me and helping me to get my business is done like you I’m waiting for you in New Zealand. And don’t listen to these mean guys. You should put them in the count in the UK, ask the website for the IP address. You’re a wonderful woman.

  • Willow

    Wow thanks, Sam Soon and I’m really happy to work with you. I’m really happy to see this article about you, and be a member of your team is a great adventure.

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