Kristin Carter- I'm Still Here (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

This season is known for the holidays, but it’s also a time where depression and cold/flu like conditions are prominent. Tis’ the season for perseverance, endurance, and jubilation.

Liz Rosa's photography and Heather Curtis’ cover art for this song radiates a captivating creativity. What caught my eye was the play of light, literally fading out of the artwork, and the colors seamlessly blend, almost as if drawing could manifest light. In the resilience-filled year of 2023, Kristin Carter firmly establishes her presence in the genre, unveiling a slower, more delicate facet of her songwriting. 

Renowned for her sonically pleasing voice, impressive range, and dynamic performances, Kristin intertwines her personal life with her musical creations. "I'm Still Here" invites us into a fresh dimension of Carter's artistry, showcasing a powerful yet softer musical style. Is this the emergence of a new Kristin Carter? Something special seems to be brewing. And it’s still here!

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