kutthamoviestar- Hmm I Think So [Video Critique]

Critiqued by Lukey Lenz

Today, I’m here to talk about an artist who has struck me with his flow.

Kutthamoviestar is a phenomenal floater with a style that reminds me of Earl Sweatshirt. As Kutthamoviestar spits about his grievances with people who annoy him, the
Hmm I Think So sample echoes, exits and shortly returns like a musical boomerang. 

When we join him in the music video, he is seen in four different locations, two of which are small, attic-like spaces filled with comic book figures that primarily depict Green Lantern, Spiderman, and Superman. This is an ode to Kut’s love for pop culture. He has an affinity for pop culture, naming one of his most popular songs STREETFIGHTER IV. 

The other spaces are a living room filled with African tribal masks and various relics. Moreover, there is a park where it seems Kut has mastered the elements, donning a torrent of spinning leaves around him. This is also a nod to his enjoyment of rolling "leafs" and indulging in a cheap green vacation.

Kutthamoviestar is steadily growing.

Be sure to peep Hmm I Think So

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