Kyle OK- Wanderlust (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Kyle Ok threw in a hint of Weeknd vibes while staying true to himself with his latest single, Wanderlust. It’s an atmospheric sound, sonically channeling an inner God, getting his girl to see the big plans he has in store for them. Some of these girls get caught up in the past and are too quick to judge the next guy who approaches them. All men aren't dogs, let me repeat that, ALL MEN AREN’T DOGS. There are some of us who have good intentions for you, it’s all about letting us in. Kyle masterfully delivers with clever wordplay and romanticism that is as sweet as the ripest of peaches. He’s longing for a forever partner, someone to travel all over and see incredible sites and try things that they haven’t experienced. I don’t see who could turn down this proposal, at all. 

Who really wants to travel alone? It’s definitely not a pretty site. You can hear the anxiousness in his voice as he sings blissfully: "Pretty brown, Pretty brown, Pretty brown." Wanderlust is the complete package, and the type of song to play as a mood setter, whichever mood that may be. Kyle OK proves he is worth taking the risk and traveling with, falling into endless amounts of love. 

Check out Wanderlust by Kyle OK:

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