La Shana Latrice- I Choose You (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

If sticking by your man/woman was a song, "I Choose You" would be the anthem. La Shana Latrice delivers an absolute vibe with this song, such a feel-good record that increases the love within a relationship that could be on the rocks. Ladies, I know that some men can get complacent with the way life is, never seek change, but if you see the potential of us and want to push us to new heights, do it. A woman that is confident in her abilities to uplift her man is destined for great things and can always be counted upon.

Not saying every man will respond positively to this type of encouragement, but, it’s a sign that is welcoming to us. La Shana glides on this song so perfectly that you get lost into her words and dig deep into the subject of choosing someone who is there for you and being their motivator. Being patient has its benefits when you contribute accordingly and to the right person. Trust and believe, there are others who will abuse patient people for however long they can take it. The chorus is the driving force of the song, emphasizing on choosing your partner through all the trials and tribulations. That’s the definition of a real rider who has a vision and is committed. I recommend tuning into La Shana and her single "I Choose You."

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